Corrugating machine technology promotes the development of retail industry to play a positive role

According to a recent report released by the European paper industry association, a series of personalized solutions for corrugated retail packaging have been created after a large amount of capital has been invested in the research and development of corrugated machine technology. These solutions have played an active role in pushing forward the corrugated packaging industry, enhancing the competitiveness of retail enterprises and promoting the continuous development of the retail industry.11.jpg

Recently, organised by the European corrugated carton industry association industry summit, nestle Europe purchasing manager Alison, tesco supermarket retail food companies such as packaging manager Paul represents all of the retail industry should strengthen the cooperation with the depth of the corrugated carton industry in succession to the response.

Also keep pace with The Times, in addition to personalized, corrugated paper industry with packaging customization service, can according to customer's requirements in terms of size, printing design, such as adjusting, convenient business planning cost-effective personality promotions to increase sales.

Corrugated box on the shelf packaging form is becoming more and more mature, because of its innovation, more can attract customers' attention. In addition to standing out from the crowd of similar products on the shelves, it can also improve the logistics efficiency of the store. The royal Taylor company through cooperation with two corrugated packaging companies, introduced a new shelf packaging, and become a part of the rebranding project, and the success of the promotion the coffee culture of the company.

Taylor company packaging buyer matt hunt tells us that each product packaging design or words are used in two or three kinds of additive, the advantage is that the customer before the scan products, can be easily recognized the company's products.

Miller corsheng has also benefited from advances in corrugated packaging technology. The company's packaging structure is relatively new, using corrugated board and waterproof lining combined design. That is, if people add ice or water, they can use this corrugated cardboard box as a practical cooler.

Corrugated packaging innovation, not only the transport packaging innovation and display packaging, also including the innovative use of packaging materials and recycled materials, such as cheap cardboard virtual reality helmet, Christchurch, New Zealand cardboard cathedral, folded into a cardboard paper furniture and baby bed, etc.

The convenience and convenience of corrugated paper and cardboard make corrugated packaging popular among shoppers. As a recent yougov poll shows, 75 percent of respondents preferred paper products for packaging food and groceries.

Andy, director of the packaging division of the paper industry alliance, believes that the diversity of corrugated packaging has brought about satisfactory and personalized products that have helped maintain its status as the "first material" of packaging.

He pointed out that the British corrugated packaging industry should keep up with the development of retail industry and increase equipment investment to meet the new market requirements. Whether in transit, in warehouses or on shelves, the versatility and practicality of corrugated boards can help brands establish themselves and stimulate customers' desire to buy.

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