SUPERCORR EXPO 2016, 2016 American super corrugated exhibition will be held on October 17 to 20 in the United States, Orlando, Orange County convention center held a grand, as "the super corrugated sh


2016 American super corrugated exhibition will be held on October 17 to 20 in the United States, Orlando, Orange County convention center held a grand, as "the super corrugated show" greater China market promotion partners, U.S. YinWenHua confirmed 40 ㎡ exhibition, for domestic exhibitors/audience brand display, product promotion, and have a rest. 

With the exhibition of 2016 American super corrugated, beauty YinWenHua will group 30 Chinese outstanding elite/carton equipment supplier and a cardboard-box factory to visit the exhibition, expand the market, peers, tourism, insight into the carton industry development level and the local conditions and customs, from overseas counterparts draw nutrition, excellent production and management mode to optimize itself!

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Exhibition - to understand the world carton machinery manufacturing level, for the enterprise equipment procurement reference

"American super corrugated exhibition" held once every four years, the popularity and internationalization of the exhibition degree very tall, fair exhibitors attracting high-end corrugated equipment maker in the world today, unfolds the carton machinery manufacturing level of today's world. As "American super corrugated exhibition" in China market promotion strategic partnership of cooperation, the YinWenHua enjoy live 40 ㎡ exhibition, exhibition for equipment business negotiation, a cardboard-box factory and was used to rest!

Visit - visit famous American paper box factory/equipment manufacturer, learn advanced management concept

Europe and the United States carton packaging industry in technology, management, development has far exceeded China. The Chinese paper box factory needs to strengthen its strength, draw nutrition from the excellent production and management model of European and American counterparts, and optimize itself. "2016 YinWenHua American line" arrangement "to visit the local well-known cardboard-box factory, equipment manufacturing enterprises", you can close to see Hawaii Japan combined the excellence of the United States, such as the sun automation enterprise style!

Travel - enjoy exotic cultural architecture, explore beautiful natural scenery, and gain a pleasant mood

The organizer of "2016 American Indian culture tour" will lead the team to travel to Hawaii, Washington, Orlando and other American cities, visit famous tourist attractions in the United States, and explore different cultures and customs in foreign countries.

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In 2011 ~ 2015, the United States YinWenHua organized domestic outstanding elite carton equipment supplier and a cardboard-box factory and to participate in "2011 annual meeting of India corrugated packaging industry", "2012 Atlanta international super corrugated exhibition", "India 2013 international exhibition of corrugated", "2014 Indonesian corrugated industry summit", "Turkey corrugated carton industry summit 2015" overseas business activities, such as forum guests for a total of more than 350 people, about beauty 

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