Corrugating machine process flow

Corrugated board is made up of single-sided corrugated machine produce corrugated paper in the strong single face corrugated board, after bridge conveyor first after coating composite tissue glue machine, enter the dryer drying, according to the requirements of production line pressing, slitting, crosscutting, made of corrugated board.

Obviously, the waste of raw paper and the low yield of paperboard are mainly caused by the single side machine, the transfer bridge, the glue compound, the drying, and the crosswise cutting of the wire paper. The author's opinions on the common problems in practice and the ways to deal with them are discussed below.

1. Single-side corrugating machine

1) after the single-side machine is started up, input raw paper, corrugated paper and the inner paper do not fit neatly.

First of all, the output paper bias, speed up the speed of instant guide.

Secondly, the inner and tile paper reel is not on the same line as the side line. It can be solved by "three points and one line method". Namely, tile paper in corrugated machine or set point, preheater cylinder surface without shaft bracket for before starting the paper, in a paper or in paper endpoint move button without shaft bracket, visual about adjustment, until the paper edges in watts, and set point into three lines.

2) the original paper cracked through the preheater, resulting in paper breakage.

Firstly, reduce the preheating area according to the paper. When the joint appears, manual traction of the paper or the direction of rotation of the paper to help reduce mechanical tension can be avoided.

3) when the corrugated and lining paper is inspected by the manufacturer, the small mouth of palm-size is torn in the drum, and the single corrugated board is short of material after the input of corrugated machine.

Preparation before starting the left in the slightly larger, tile paper (color, g/M2 is the same as the corrugated base paper on), the paper has a gap with in the paper, paper, paper gap with watts dab glue adhesive solution a few, both sides before the base paper in corrugated machine clamp gap it on a stick. The action must be rapid, accurate, timely and safe.

4) after the production quantity is satisfied, the paper ends are left, and the tile paper and lining paper are more than one side and less.

Normally, you don't have to cut it off until you run out of less paper. When you stop, you need to cut the paper neatly with a knife. Superfluous single corrugated board, the next production with the same width, the same quality of the original paper, in the transfer bridge and the new out of the single corrugated board adhesive good use.

In addition, it is true that the rest of the paper head can be manually rewound to the same size and quality of large rollers.

5) try to avoid frequent power-on, which can effectively eliminate the non-adhesive parts in the paper and tile paper.

2. Transport across the bridge

1) over the bridge, the amount of single-side cardboard piles is too much, and the dryer is too fast or it is not glued firmly after sudden acceleration and tear.

Bridge operators should pay attention to the dryer uniform speed up speed, starting not too fast. The upper lap surface shall run in the direction of the board, and the joint shall not be stopped. At the same time, it is important to note that the amount of corrugated cardboard stacked on single side of single-side machine should not exceed one third of the length of bridge crossing.

2) when the width of corrugated corrugated board and corrugated paper is not consistent, it is cut off by the clipper which controls its direction.

When the tile paper is wide, the two clip board of the clipper should be adjusted to be slightly less than the width of the tile paper. When the paper is wide, cut off the part wider than the tile paper neatly in front of the clipper.

3) after starting the dryer, all layers of single-sided cardboard are not aligned.

Before starting up the dryer, according to the size of one side of the slitting edge knife, move the single-side paper plate clamping device of each layer out 2-3cm.

3. Adhesive compound

1) according to the customer's requirements, ordinary box board paper is used as the surface paper. After the preheater, the original paper becomes brittle, then it will be torn off when entering the dryer. Reduce the tension of the paper or manually rotate the paper until it is normal.

2) after entering the dryer, the paper is not in line with the single-side cardboard, and the emergency production paper is of different width and width.

First of all, the paper edge and paper head of each layer can be aligned before being fed into the dryer, when it is fed into the uneven speed of the dryer can run straight, but the uneven parts have constituted a waste. Whether the surface of corrugated paper is wider or narrower than single-sided corrugated board must be on one side.

In addition, if the side line of the paper drum is not in the same vertical line with the paper clip board of the paper holder, even if the paper edge and the paper head are aligned with the delivery and dryer, the running distance for a period of time will be uneven. To solve this problem, we might as well in advance from the transmission over a bridge on one side of the paper clip board, hanging line falling to the surface of paper without shaft bracket from web 0.5 cm above the advisable, inching button without shaft bracket, dough paper edge and sank a vertical line.

4. Dryer

1) due to the long parking time of the dryer, a large area of cardboard is opened to glue, especially the three-layer board.

As far as possible without a stop in production, is really necessary, parking operators according to the situation that stop time, were it not for a short time (five layer board more than two minutes, three layer board more than half a minute) parking, should cut off the layers of paper before gluing machine, will depart cardboard drying tunnel.

2) the conveyor belt of the dryer runs off, and the cardboard edge is unglued and poorly bonded.

Adjust the rectifying handwheel; When stacking the code, check out the unqualified cardboard adhesive by hand.

3) the baking temperature of the dryer is too high, and the cardboard glue is degummed and broken, which is usually found in the inner paper with three layers of cardboard and brittle quality.

Increase the speed of the dryer, at the same time a moderate amount of steam exhaust and pressure reduction, as the case tells the gluing machine to increase the amount of glue coating.

5. Press line and cut crosswise

1) press the thread wheel to crush the inside and surface paper; The pressure line exceeds the allowable error.

According to the dry humidity of paper and board, the depth of press line should be adjusted flexibly. In addition to the size error is under the pressure line wheel concave wheel deflection, the correction can be.

2) it is not timely to adjust the cutting edge, resulting in missing materials and exposed tiles of the board. It is common when the sum of two cutting edges is less than one centimeter.

The left and right moving device of the slitter should be adjusted in time. If necessary, the paper clips can be adjusted to the left or right of the conveying bridge.

3) the cross-cutting knife is too blunt, and the board of imported kraft paper box is easy to tear and cross section.

Should be polished or replaced in time; Don't make the knife too tight to hurt it.

In addition to cure these problems, according to the number of cardboard production size reasonable use paper, trimming control board as far as possible within 0.5 2 cm, clever collocation of production, processing fault paper accurate, timely, does the glue material cardboard deficiency in does not affect the quality of the case not be repaired using, put an end to human waste, you will find the cardboard line to reduce the damaged paper, an effective way to improve yield.

Obviously, the waste of raw paper and the low yield of paperboard are mainly caused by the single side machine, the transfer bridge, the glue compound, the drying, and the crosswise cutting of the wire paper. The author's opinions on the common problems in practice and the ways to deal with them are discussed below.


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